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What gift have you received that you will always treasure? Maybe it’s something you got as a child, or something a loved one made for you. Perhaps it’s not something tangible, but something someone did for you or time they spent with you. There’s always a story behind a meaningful gift. What’s yours?
I can think of many that stand out over the years. A hard to find toy I didn’t think anyone knew I wanted. Homemade pottery from a relative. Just last week, when I was feeling sick and couldn’t do much, Julie sent over some hot soup. This may have felt like a small gesture to her, but it meant so much to me and truly helped me start feeling better.
November is National Gratitude Month. As we reflect on all the many things we have to be grateful for (and those memorable gifts we still treasure), let’s embrace a spirit of generosity, too, and give. You never know – your gift could be the one someone never forgets. 
One way to do this is by joining us in packing shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child. We’re continuing to share stories of these memorable gifts (a green yo yo, a blanket, a stuffed purple mouse) and praying for those receiving them. This is our opportunity to change a child’s life by sharing Jesus with them, and it all starts with one (memorable) gift.
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