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What’s New | July 22

In Blog, Home Page by Libby

There are so many voices vying for our attention these days. Social media, news, culture, peers, not to mention the voices in our heads. It’s a struggle to hear the …

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Church Guide

In Home Page, Outreach by Josh

Finding your Home in a Church body is a wonderful gift from God. We all need a place to serve and grow. There are ALL KINDS OF CHURCHES. Perhaps your …

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The Aftermath | Julie

In Blog, Home Page, Julie by Josh

In the past few years, we’ve had one unprecedented event after another, leaving us shocked, sad, disoriented, frustrated. You’re probably feeling one or more of those emotions in the aftermath …

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What’s New | July 8

In Blog by Libby

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you can truly rely on something or someone. But Cody Carnes’s song “Take You At Your Word” is a great reminder that our God …