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MONDAY, January 14th- St. Christopher School
School’s City – Metairie, La
Mascot/Team – Thoroughbreds
Requested by – Amanda Alvarez
Prayer for School – “Pray that the students and educators understand that all knowledge comes from you. That they be open to your teachings and that they may they be filled with wisdom. Please show them your favor Lord, as they start the new year.”

TUESDAY, January 15th- Vandebilt Catholic High
School’s City – Houma, La
Mascot/Team – Terriers
Requested by – Jerri Villavaso
Prayer for School- “Heavenly father, we ask that you place your hand on all of the students ,faculty, staff and parents involved in the daily lives of our children. May they be blessed by your glorious gifts, talents, and opportunity to thrive spiritually, personally, and in our community. Wrap your angels wings around our school for safety, protection, love, compassion and kindness For all. We ask this in Jesus name, by the power of the Holy Spirit ,with glory to God the father, Amen .”

WEDNESDAY, January 16th- St. Stephen Catholic School
School’s City – New Orleans, La
Mascot/Team – Knights
Requested by – Ashley Howard
Prayer for School – “I pray that the Lord will be with the students, faculty, staff and principal as they prepare for state testing. May there be no distractions but bold confidence that they are all prepared to take the testing head-on with Christ guiding them and helping them. May the end of the year be better than the beginning! I am expecting GREAT things! And my expectations shall NOT be cut off!
In Jesus name I pray Amen!”

THURSDAY, January 17th – Christ the King Elementary
School’s City – Terrytown, La
Mascot/Team – Crusaders
Requested by – Patrick Strahan
Prayer for School – “Pray for the teachers , students and administration to have a personal relationship with Christ. I also pray for us as students to guard and guide our hearts, minds and speech. That we would continue to serve our community in love and God will send us more students to minister to. Thank you LifeSongs for all you do. God is good all the time!”

FRIDAY, January 18th- McGehee School
School’s City – New Orleans, La
Mascot/Team – Hawks
Requested by – Molly Harris
Prayer for School – “I pray that the students will be able to turn their eyes to the Lord and trust in Him with all their hearts. I also pray for friendships to grow and develop among all students as well.”

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