LifeSongs Prayer Schools

FRIDAY, September 14th- Marrero Middle School
School’s City – Marrero
Mascot/Team- Mustangs
Requested by – Yajaira Somoza
Prayer for School- “I pray that all the youths would be safe and under the covenant of God, let the Holy Spirit surround everyone and guide them in the right direction. Blessed all the faculty and let them have a wonderful school year. In Jesus name Amen!”

MONDAY, September 17th- Elan Academy Charter
School’s City – New Orleans
Requested by – Renecia Cullier
Prayer for School – “I’d like to shout out and pray for my 2nd grader, Zhaan-Michelle’s, elementary school, Elan Academy Charter and its affiliates, the principal, staff and its students as this is only their “2nd year” in existence! I pray the staff continue having a nurturing spirit, patience and wisdom to teach the students and to make this yet another another amazing year! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

TUESDAY, September 18th- Lakeside Christian Homeschool
School’s City – Slidell
Requested by – Sheri Wilkes
Prayer for School- “That I will make good grades and that I get a tutor.”

WEDNESDAY, September 19th- Terrebonne High School
School’s City – Houma
Mascot/Team- Tigers
Requested by – Samuel Porter
Prayer for School – “Prayer for wisdom, joy, love, peace and knowledge over Terrebonne High. For God to move in a mighty way and that the lies of the enemy will not overcome my school in Jesus name. Prayer for our football players, that they will have a great season and that we will be strengthened.”

THURSDAY, September 20th- All Homeschool Families
School’s City – New Orleans area
Requested by -Ivy Wilson
Prayer for School – “I pray for all the students to be joyful in their learning and to stay focused. Please give homeschooling teachers patience, confidence, and the abilities they need to be successful in their teaching, always looking to the kingdom of Heaven. My hope for homeschoolers is that they would pray together, and hide Your word in their hearts.”

FRIDAY, September 21st- Immaculate Conception School
School’s City – Marrero
Mascot/Team – Chargers
Requested by – Jakobe Shepeard
Prayer for School – “I pray that the students and staff have a great prosperous school year!”

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