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MONDAY, March 25th- Fifth Ward Junior High
School’s City – Bush, Louisiana
Mascot/Team – Falcons
Requested by – Tiffany Quave
Prayer for School- “Lord we ask You to encamp our children and our schools with angels, send Your ministering angels about them. We ask for Your favor to surround them, that we will not live in a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind! Give our children a spirit of boldness to begin to pray in our schools and bring prayer and Bible Study back into our school systems . We need more of you Jesus! Luke 2:52 “May our children grow in YOUR wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” Thank You Lord for Your hand of protection! We love You and give You our every concern for Psalm 138:8 says “You will take care of EVERYTHING that concerns us.” In Jesus Holy Name! Amen!”

TUESDAY, March 26th- Parklane Academy
School’s City – McComb, Mississippi
Mascot/Team- Pioneers
Requested by – Luther Bullock
Prayer for School- “Dear Lord, Thank you for what You have done and all You will do at Parklane Academy. I pray that You, LORD, would give each and every student Guidance and Direction. Also, I pray for the teachers who have made it their life mission to teach and help prepare the students for their future lives. And help all to advance Your Kingdom in their lives and throughout their communities. IN JESUS NAME , AMEN. ”

WEDNESDAY,March 27th- Salem Attendance Center
School’s City – Tylertown, Mississippi
Mascot/Team – Wildcats
Requested by – Christi Johnson
Prayer for School – “I pray for the safety and health of all students and faculty daily. I pray for them to continue together in unity as a student body. I pray for God to always be at the center of the hearts of all the students and faculty. I pray for peace, patience and positivity for all the teachers. I pray for determination and confidence for all the students.”

THURSDAY, March 28th- Terrebonne High
School’s City – Houma, Louisiana
Mascot/Team – Tigers
Requested by- Samuel Porter
Prayer for School- Prayer for our crimson Tigers and our seniors as we prepare for graduation that is right around the corner. I pray that we will look at all of our accomplishments and never forget the goals we achieved. I pray that God will watch over us as we take the next step in our life’s and we will remember that we are tigers for life, amen. Go Tigers!!!

FRIDAY, March 29th- St. Charles Elementary
School’s City – Thibodaux, Louisiana
Mascot/ Team- Wildcats
Requested by – Christy Adams
Prayer for School- “Jesus protect our teachers and youths hearts, souls and minds. Let them be confident and caring while being the BEST Wildcats they can be. Keep our little school safe and free from harm in Jesus name we pray.”

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