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FRIDAY, January 15th – Honduras Elementary
School’s City – Houma, La
Mascot/Team – Jessica Vicknair
Requested by – Roadrunners
Prayer for School – “A New Year is God’s gift. In the joyful moments, thank Him. In the busy moments, bless Him. In the trying moments, trust Him. In the quiet moments, praise Him.  Lord, Bless our students and school family in the upcoming New Year.”

MONDAY, January 18th – Cut Off Middle School
School’s City – Larose, La
Mascot/Team – Bulldogs
Requested by – Susan Dobson
Prayer for School – “My prayer is that God would protect every student, staff member, every person that enters the school and fill them with love for one another and for Jesus Christ. I pray for all the students and staff who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior that they will come to know Him. I pray for my daughter who goes to that school also, that her heart will be guarded. I pray for all the staff members that they will know the difference they are making in children’s lives. Thank you God for your faithfulness, love, and forgiveness.”

TUESDAY, January 19th – Strehle Community School
School’s City – Avondale, La
Requested by – Katie Firmin
Prayer for School – “Please be in prayer for the students, faculty and staff of Strehle Community School. Pray that God’s love would be known to the students and that peace would be over everyone. It’s evident that the staff and faculty care about these kids and I pray that love would continue even in the difficult moments.”

WEDNESDAY, January 20th – Lakeside Christian Homeschool
School’s City – Slidell, La
Mascot/Team – Roadrunners
Requested By – Sheri Wiles
Prayer for School – “ I pray all home school students would do well on tests and exams.”

THURSDAY, January 21st – LW.Higgins High School
School’s City – Marrero, La
Mascot/Team – Hurricanes
Requested by – Vanessa Morehouse
Prayer for School – “Please pray for all students, teachers, administrators, all staff. I pray that the Lord would protect and continue to provide provision and comfort during these uncertain times. I pray the Lord would lift the spirits and worries of anyone in fear of the pandemic. Also, provide peace that passes all understanding to all in need of peace and comfort. In the precious name of Jesus’ Amen.”

FRIDAY, January 22nd – Douglass Community School
School’s City – Gretna, La
Requested by – Katie Firmin
Prayer for School – “Please be praying for the staff, students and teachers of Douglass Community School. Pray for peace over everyone and that even in the tough moments we would choose love over anything to care for our children. Pray that we as the staff and faculty would remember to extend the same grace that has been extended to us.”

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