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No matter what – this is going to be a year of challenges for our schools.  Teachers, parents, administrators and most importantly, students will face unprecedented changes.  How do we face these challenges? By praying for one another! Nominate your school to be the LifeSongs Prayer School of the Day!

MONDAY, October 19th – University View Academy
School’s City – Online School for Louisiana Students
Mascot/Team – Lynx
Requested by – Elijah Billiot

TUESDAY, October 20th – St. Bernadette Catholic School
School’s City – Houma
Mascot/Team – Pandas
Requested by – Janie Zehner
Prayer for School – “Praying for our students, teachers, and staff to have a safe and blessed school year.”

WEDNESDAY, October 21st – Kerner Elementary School
School’s City – Lafitte, La
Mascot/Team – Gator Bucs
Requested by – LaDonna Despaux
Prayer for School – “Please pray for our students, teachers, families, and staff members as we navigate through uncharted waters this school year. Virtual teaching and learning has presented its share of challenges but we will persevere to stay afloat for our students, as we ‘just keep swimming’ through each day.”

THURSDAY, October 22nd – Lockport Upper Elementary
School’s City – Lockport, La
Mascot/Team – Leopards
Requested by -Sherry Bergeron
Prayer for School – “We are praying for our entire Leopard family including teachers, staff, students, and our parents/guardians. As we transition to students attending 5 days a week, we pray for a hedge of protection around each individual keeping them healthy and safe as we finally come together as a school. We pray special blessings over our teachers as we are so grateful they share their special gift with the Lockport community. Continue to bless them with the spirit of grace and compassion as we continue such a different school year. May you give them strength and endurance to perform their many many tasks. And father, we pray they know and feel the deepest gratitude of those whom they teach and work aside.”

FRIDAY, October 23rd – Merry Oaks Preschool
School’s City – Houma, La
Prayer for School – “Prayers for the staff at Merry Oaks Preschool that they may continue to work hard and do the will of God. Also, for the kids that they may continue to grow in the light and love of our Lord. And for all of the staff to continue to keep Christ in their heart and spread his love among the children.”

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