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Recently heard on the morning show…

4/19 – Hand of God – A compassionate act by a nurse in Brazil is bringing hope and comfort to COVID-19 patients in isolation.

3/16 – Irish – Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I figured we could all use a refresher on a proper Irish accent. Minus all the swearing…

2/10 – Cat Lawyer – Technology can be a challenge to master … this poor Texas lawyer will NEVER live this down.

2/8 – Openly Weeping – Tom Brady cried. His fans cried. People who hate him cried. EVERYONE cried, especially when this commercial came on during the Super Bowl…

1/29 – I’ll Take All The Cookies – This little Girl Scout couldn’t go door to door so she recorded her sales pitch!

1/28 – C is for Carbon – A guy in Brazil found a rock that had a crystal Cookie Monster hidden inside! God’s creation, man…

1/21 – National Youth Poet Laureate – Amanda Gorman for all the acclaim. Just WOW.

1/20 – Just Scream – Let it out. Call 1-561-567-8431 and record your best scream … and you might just feel better. Listen to others’ screams HERE!

1/7 – In Response to Riots in DC – I’ve been a part of the LifeSongs family for over 20 years and I remember when this song first came out. For some reason it was in my head and heart this morning. So for all my 90’s crowd – enjoy!

1/4 – Ready to Cry? – These kids found a way to send their dad (serving overseas) messages through their doorbell. [dirty crying over here]

12/23 – Merry Christmas

12/3 – Bake Some Cookies – It was number 3 on the 25 Days of Cheer – bake something for a neighbor. And NOTHING is better than THESE chocolate chip cookies.

11/19 – Thanksgiving Song – Ben Rector has given us a sweet gift.

11/16 – Gobble Gobble – Matthew West is at it again with the funny and the silly…

11/13 – Kyler Cares – Help get Children’s Hospital patients insulin pumps by enjoying an online Broadway tribute! CLICK HERE to RSVP.

11/11 – CDC Thanksgiving – How can we celebrate the holidays but not spread COVID-19?! CLICK HERE for the actual federal guidelines to Thanksgiving 2020!

11/6 – Do You Want To Build A Snowman – In Florida? Snowcat Ridge is coming!

10/23 – It’s Time For… – Animaniacs are coming back! What?! Yes!

10/19 – Lochel’s Bakery – This Pennsylvania bakery says one candidate has a 3 to 1 margin of victory – at least when it comes to cookie sales. So who is going to win the Presidential election? CLICK HERE!

10/8 – O Happy Day – Kelly texted the show saying this song was stuck in her head at 3 AM – and now I’m obsessed.

10/1 – Sweet Potato Snickerdoodles – I saw this recipe and I HAVE TO TRY IT! What do you think? CLICK HERE

8/31 – Old Married Couple – Julio and Waldramina are marriage goals. And life goals. The retired teachers are the OLDEST married couple in the world!

8/20 – Google Doodle – New Orleans’ own Morrah Burton-Edwards, senior at Lusher – could win a $30,000 scholarship with her Google Doodle – we just have to vote for her! CLICK HERE!

8/18 – Bel Air – What if the Fresh Prince got a gritty reboot? It’s coming, all because of this YouTube production. And honestly … it’s awesome. (And Carlton even dances in a blink and you miss it moment!)

8/5 – Praying for Administrators – All week we are praying for school administrators (CLICK HERE) – and this is why they need prayer…

7/27 – Baseball – I watched A LOT of America’s pastime this weekend … because SPORTS!

7/24 – Wet Weekend Recipe – This is what Josh’s family will be baking during the wet weekend! CLICK HERE

7/21 – Christmas in July Movie Recommendation – Need a great family Christmas (in July) movie to watch?

7/17 – Walmart Open Call – Have an American-made product that you want to get on shelves around the world? CLICK HERE! Also, if you become wildly rich – give big to LifeSongs!

7/13 – Christmas in July – Text your favorite Christmas song to 855-816-8581 and listen all week at 7:25 to celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year during the hottest, least chill time of the year…

7/8 – Support Our Vets – We can’t visit the older generations right now because of the virus – but we can make them feel loved and seen! Project LOVE.

7/2 – Summer of Hope – Transform your family this Summer with a 30-Day Family Prayer Challenge!

5/14 – We got TOGETHER with Joel from for KING & COUNTRY!

4/30 – Dude, Where’s My Webcam – The Dude Perfect bruhs totally nail what life is like in quarantine…

4/20 – Take A Look, It’s In A Book – No, it’s not Reading Rainbow – it’s reading with former First Lady Michelle Obama! CLICK HERE for Mondays with Michelle Obama starting today!

4/14 – We Can Sew! – Want to put your skills to good use, providing PPE to first responders and hospitals in dire need? CLICK HERE!

4/2 – Jesus Fed the Hungry – ..and you can too. Second Harvest is literally getting food to the most at risk. If you still have a job – you have a chance to help.

4/1 – April Fools – Trust. No one.

3/26 – Penguins – How cute is this?!

3/19 – Suddenly Homeschooling – Didn’t see this twist of fate coming, did you? Now we are ALL homeschool parents. HELP!

3/13 – Song In Your Heart – What 20 second song/chorus are you singing to yourself while washing your hands?

@gloriagaynorIt only takes :20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”👏💕🎶 ##iWillSurviveChallenge ##fyp ##coronavirus ##handwashing♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

3/11 – I Want One – This is the coolest scariest thing ever…

2/21 – Friday Laugh – The weekend is here – need a feel-good laugh?

2/19 – Vinyl Lovin’ – Do you remember your first vinyl? What music did you jam out to around the record player?

2/13 – No Place Like Home – Astronauts get the best angles…

2/7 – Adopt a Cop – During Mardi Gras you can help provide hot meals and help to our Men and Women in Blue!

1/29 – SuperBowl Snacks – Are you trying a new recipe for the big game? Josh is – THIS one.

1/28 – Colorful – American history is full of color and it is incredible! #blackhistorymonth is coming – learn something new!

1/27 – Kobe – The measure of a man is not found in trophies or awards, rather love. THIS incredible tribute was penned by Kobe Bryant’s good friend Derek Jeter and is remarkably beautiful

1/24 – Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls – Need a great treat for your SuperBowl party? Prepare to have your world changed! CLICK HERE and send me some if you make a big batch.

1/23 – Naming Rights – Some kids name their pets – THESE KIDS get to name the Mars rover for NASA!

1/13 – Knuckle Power – How do you know how many months have 31 days? Use your knuckles!

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