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Recently heard on the morning show…

10/19 – Balloon World Cup – Yes, it is real. Yes, it is awesome. No, it has not been added to the Olympics… yet.

10/5 – Fat Bear Week – Who doesn’t love a good fat bear?! CLICK HERE to experience the Alaskan wilderness’ favorite salmon loving hibernators!

9/16 – Getting Help – Josh spoke with his friend Pastor Patrick Eagan of Celebration Church about the emergency response to Hurricane Ida. Pastor Patrick mentioned a Google Doc where anyone can ask for help. HERE IT IS.

7/16 – Win A Trip To Space – This is NOT a LifeSongs contest – but rather one created by Richard Branson. He wants to make you an astronaut! CLICK HERE to learn more.

7/9 – 10 Wieners, 10 Buns – Heinz Ketchup is leading the charge to normalize equal hot dogs to buns packaging – sign the petitions HERE!

6/30 – The Record is FIVE – It doesn’t sound like a lot, but M&Ms are round … stacking round things is hard!

6/21 – Shot At A Million – I don’t want to fight about whether you should get vaccinated or not. But I’m gonna take my shot at a million dollars for sure…

6/2 – Ivory Ticklers – Play the keys? Wanna join a band? Sidewalk Prophets are LOOKING FOR YOU!

6/1 – Madu – Baby animals are just THE BEST.

4/29 – Seacor Power Recovery – More than two weeks after the Seacor Power capsized, volunteers and family members of the missing are still searching for closure. The search is being led by the United Cajun Navy – and they are asking any shrimp boaters with a 3 mile rating. If you can lend assistance, email Chris with the Cajun Navy.

3/16 – Irish – Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I figured we could all use a refresher on a proper Irish accent. Minus all the swearing…

2/10 – Cat Lawyer – Technology can be a challenge to master … this poor Texas lawyer will NEVER live this down.

2/8 – Openly Weeping – Tom Brady cried. His fans cried. People who hate him cried. EVERYONE cried, especially when this commercial came on during the Super Bowl…

1/29 – I’ll Take All The Cookies – This little Girl Scout couldn’t go door to door so she recorded her sales pitch!

1/21 – National Youth Poet Laureate – Amanda Gorman for all the acclaim. Just WOW.

1/20 – Just Scream – Let it out. Call 1-561-567-8431 and record your best scream … and you might just feel better. Listen to others’ screams HERE!

1/7 – In Response to Riots in DC – I’ve been a part of the LifeSongs family for over 20 years and I remember when this song first came out. For some reason it was in my head and heart this morning. So for all my 90’s crowd – enjoy!

1/4 – Ready to Cry? – These kids found a way to send their dad (serving overseas) messages through their doorbell. [dirty crying over here]

12/23 – Merry Christmas

12/3 – Bake Some Cookies – It was number 3 on the 25 Days of Cheer – bake something for a neighbor. And NOTHING is better than THESE chocolate chip cookies.

11/19 – Thanksgiving Song – Ben Rector has given us a sweet gift.

11/16 – Gobble Gobble – Matthew West is at it again with the funny and the silly…

11/13 – Kyler Cares – Help get Children’s Hospital patients insulin pumps by enjoying an online Broadway tribute! CLICK HERE to RSVP.

11/11 – CDC Thanksgiving – How can we celebrate the holidays but not spread COVID-19?! CLICK HERE for the actual federal guidelines to Thanksgiving 2020!

11/6 – Do You Want To Build A Snowman – In Florida? Snowcat Ridge is coming!

10/23 – It’s Time For… – Animaniacs are coming back! What?! Yes!

10/19 – Lochel’s Bakery – This Pennsylvania bakery says one candidate has a 3 to 1 margin of victory – at least when it comes to cookie sales. So who is going to win the Presidential election? CLICK HERE!

10/8 – O Happy Day – Kelly texted the show saying this song was stuck in her head at 3 AM – and now I’m obsessed.

10/1 – Sweet Potato Snickerdoodles – I saw this recipe and I HAVE TO TRY IT! What do you think? CLICK HERE

8/31 – Old Married Couple – Julio and Waldramina are marriage goals. And life goals. The retired teachers are the OLDEST married couple in the world!

8/20 – Google Doodle – New Orleans’ own Morrah Burton-Edwards, senior at Lusher – could win a $30,000 scholarship with her Google Doodle – we just have to vote for her! CLICK HERE!

8/18 – Bel Air – What if the Fresh Prince got a gritty reboot? It’s coming, all because of this YouTube production. And honestly … it’s awesome. (And Carlton even dances in a blink and you miss it moment!)

8/5 – Praying for Administrators – All week we are praying for school administrators (CLICK HERE) – and this is why they need prayer…

7/27 – Baseball – I watched A LOT of America’s pastime this weekend … because SPORTS!

7/24 – Wet Weekend Recipe – This is what Josh’s family will be baking during the wet weekend! CLICK HERE

7/21 – Christmas in July Movie Recommendation – Need a great family Christmas (in July) movie to watch?

7/17 – Walmart Open Call – Have an American-made product that you want to get on shelves around the world? CLICK HERE! Also, if you become wildly rich – give big to LifeSongs!

7/13 – Christmas in July – Text your favorite Christmas song to 855-816-8581 and listen all week at 7:25 to celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year during the hottest, least chill time of the year…

7/8 – Support Our Vets – We can’t visit the older generations right now because of the virus – but we can make them feel loved and seen! Project LOVE.

7/2 – Summer of Hope – Transform your family this Summer with a 30-Day Family Prayer Challenge!

5/14 – We got TOGETHER with Joel from for KING & COUNTRY!

4/30 – Dude, Where’s My Webcam – The Dude Perfect bruhs totally nail what life is like in quarantine…

4/20 – Take A Look, It’s In A Book – No, it’s not Reading Rainbow – it’s reading with former First Lady Michelle Obama! CLICK HERE for Mondays with Michelle Obama starting today!

4/14 – We Can Sew! – Want to put your skills to good use, providing PPE to first responders and hospitals in dire need? CLICK HERE!

4/2 – Jesus Fed the Hungry – ..and you can too. Second Harvest is literally getting food to the most at risk. If you still have a job – you have a chance to help.

4/1 – April Fools – Trust. No one.

3/26 – Penguins – How cute is this?!

3/19 – Suddenly Homeschooling – Didn’t see this twist of fate coming, did you? Now we are ALL homeschool parents. HELP!

3/13 – Song In Your Heart – What 20 second song/chorus are you singing to yourself while washing your hands?

@gloriagaynorIt only takes :20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”👏💕🎶 ##iWillSurviveChallenge ##fyp ##coronavirus ##handwashing♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

3/11 – I Want One – This is the coolest scariest thing ever…

2/21 – Friday Laugh – The weekend is here – need a feel-good laugh?

2/19 – Vinyl Lovin’ – Do you remember your first vinyl? What music did you jam out to around the record player?

2/13 – No Place Like Home – Astronauts get the best angles…

2/7 – Adopt a Cop – During Mardi Gras you can help provide hot meals and help to our Men and Women in Blue!

1/29 – SuperBowl Snacks – Are you trying a new recipe for the big game? Josh is – THIS one.

1/28 – Colorful – American history is full of color and it is incredible! #blackhistorymonth is coming – learn something new!

1/27 – Kobe – The measure of a man is not found in trophies or awards, rather love. THIS incredible tribute was penned by Kobe Bryant’s good friend Derek Jeter and is remarkably beautiful

1/24 – Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls – Need a great treat for your SuperBowl party? Prepare to have your world changed! CLICK HERE and send me some if you make a big batch.

1/23 – Naming Rights – Some kids name their pets – THESE KIDS get to name the Mars rover for NASA!

1/13 – Knuckle Power – How do you know how many months have 31 days? Use your knuckles!

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