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Recently heard on the morning show…

10/22 – Are you a Barbie Girl? – Well you could STAY in the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse!

10/21 – Happy Hulaween – Pineapple Jack-o-Lanterns are trending and I can see why!

10/17 – Yellow Cardinal – No, not a cowardly Catholic – a yellow Cardinal!

10/4 – Happy birthday … to you… – The Rock is just so dang charming.

8/30 – OB. SESSED. – Dolly’s still got it, y’all.

8/28 – New I Voted Sticker – The Primary Election for the Louisiana Governorship will be held on Oct. 12th – if no candidate receives over 50% of the vote then a general election between the top 2 candidates will be held on Nov. 16th. Can’t wait to see your selfie rocking this new sticker!

8/26 – Popeyes v Chick-Fil-A – In the end … we’re all winners.

8/22 – Empty Nest – Need a good cry?

8/21 – National Poets Day – Nancy loves the poetry of Morgan Harper Nichols – and with one read, you will be too! CLICK HERE

8/14 – Bear Necessities – This will just make you giggle.

7/23 – Founding Father Vanilla Ice Cream – Let’s make Thomas Jefferson’s recipe for vanilla ice cream!

7/22 – Rescue – Music by Lauren Daigle | Wardrobe by Hannah Donahue | Setting by God

7/19 – Maverick – I didn’t know I wanted a sequel to Top Gun until I saw this trailer.

7/17 – Sky rocket in Flight – The Washington Monument has been turned into a giant Saturn V rocket!

Washington Monument Rocket

Holographic projections overlay the Monument to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of America’s first moonwalk!

7/9 – Little Mermaid Controversy – Is this even possible? Because: Sign. Me. Up.

7/5 – Murica – Want to be challenged in both your patriotism and your walk with Jesus? Check out THIS article. Just mute the video at the top.

6/26 – Anastasia – In honor of today’s Genius Club Question…

6/13 – Random Acts of Light Day – Remember, light doesn’t cast a shadow. #BeTheLight

6/7 – Leah Circle – Solving a major problem for New Orleans – what are we going to call Lee Circle? This PETITION has a pretty great idea!

5/29 – Jello Pool – What says Summer Fun more than a pool filled with jello?!

5/17 – Spark A Fire – The Sparks family of Slidell lost everything in a fire. Want to help? Click Here!

5/10 – Don’t Panic – Making breakfast for Mom this weekend? Tropicana can answer your panicked questions on Sunday morning. Just call 1-833-2TROPMOM

5/9 – Moms Need Breaks TooKraft (Mac & Cheese) wants to reimburse moms for babysitting on Mother’s Day! Because you deserve a break – and honestly, it might be for the children’s safety that you get some time off…

4/15 – Raise Up The Church – Want to join Ben Watson and hundreds of others to help rebuild the three churches lost to hate-fueled arson? Click Here for the official GoFundMe for the Opelousas churches.

4/8 – Need a Good Cry? – Check out this blind mom-to-be feel her baby’s ultrasound!

4/2 – Skrill Those Mosquitos – Scientists say that blasing dubstep keeps mosquitos from mating and spreading disease. But I mean … listen to this “song.” It’s kind of like dying anyway.

3/14 – #TriangleDanceChallenge – Because you have nothing better to do…

3/12 – A Whole New World – Suddenly Josh is VERY excited to see this movie…

3/11 – Shelley’s #OwnIt Story – Shelley shared her story (and won Francesca Battistelli tickets!)

3/7 – Ranch – Yes it is true – there is no container too big to contain your enthusiasm for Hidden Valley… Literally.

2/21 – Going Pro – Finally a sport for the more civilized…

2/19 – We’re Talking Citrus Here! A Slidell couple grew the world’s largest grapefruit!

2/18 – Black History Month – One school is Slidell really knows how to celebrate!

2/4 – Super Bowl LIE Highlight – The game hadn’t even started and the biggest highlight took place!

1/30 – B-I-B-L-E – Leaders of the community are reading through the ENTIRE Bible, right now!

1/23 – Write a Letter, Win a House – Sure, that house is in Alberta, Canada, but still… CLICK HERE!

1/18 – Moves – Here are some dance move options for the Saints touchdown celebrations on Sunday!

1/15 – A Perfect 10 – It’s nearly impossible in gymnastics competition. Unless you are Katelyn Ohashi – who does it every year…

1/4 – Love Story – It’ll be hard to top this love story come Valentine’s Day… CLICK HERE to read about JRR Tolkien and wife.

1/2/ – GOOD – Have you searched for the GOOD in the world? Try CLICKING HERE for Good News every day!

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