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6/24 – Reminiscing – Our “Moment of Joy” this morning comes courtesy of the stack of old pics of me that my parents dropped off at my house. Why don’t they want this… lol.

6/21 – Olympic Gold Diamond – Congrats to US Olympic champ Lilly King – she’s already winning before the Games begin!


6/20 – Girls Play Trumpet Too – The world needs more girl-jazz musicians. LEARN MORE.

6/19 – Farmers’ Markets – Thanks to Ta for texting in this RESOURCE for NOLA Farmers’ Markets!

6/11 – Funny Movies – This morning’s Summer Moment of Joy was to watch a funny movie – and there are so many! Josh’s go-to, guaranteed-to-laugh movie is…


5/30 – D-Day Pigeon Race – What better way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, than with carrier pigeons!?

5/17 – Baby Names – Uninspired? Nah – just traditional. Another year of the same baby names…


5/14 – Virtual Insanity – Looking for an air conditioned video game experience that requires you to actually get some exercise too?! Harahan is home to ANOTHER WORLD!

5/9 – Lifeguard Duty & Expensive Fruit – the City of New Orleans needs to hire 150 lifeguards to open all 13 public pools. Interested? Even at $17 an hour, you probably can’t afford this $400 Rubyglow Pineapple!

5/8 – Whole Milk is Just 3% Milkfat – That’s what we learned on the LifeSongs Genius Club – and I am IRATE!


5/2 – National Day of Prayer – The theme of this year’s NDP is “Lift up the Word – Light up the World!”


4/30 – Who’s The Boss? – Iam Tucker is the BOSS!


4/25 – The Perfect Date – It’s here! The absolute PERFECT DATE!


4/15 – Golf the Dome – No mosquitos AND you get to putt where Drew Brees played?! CLICK HERE for more.

4/9 – Seph Schlueter is THE COOLEST! Part nerd – part athlete – part songwriter … he might be perfect!

4/8 – Black Hole Sun – Will we all get superpowers from the eclipse? Will Bella choose Edward or Jacob? It’s ECLIPSE MANIA!


4/4 – Peanutter – This job is LITERALLY nuts! CLICK HERE to apply to be a Peanutter and drive around in a giant NUTmobile!

3/27 – Happiest – Get a load of the World Happiness Report. Forewarning – the US is less happy.

2/6 – King Cake Snobs – There’s a special website that does the Sherlocking necessary to find your favorite trending King Cakes. This is modern investigative journalism…

2/2 – Groundhog Time – Did you catch the official weather forecast from the world’s foremost rodent meteorologist?


1/25 – Busy Day – From the good news of a new Habitat for Humanity project on the Best Bank, to Hobby Lobby giving away churches and of course, talking with one of the hosts of a Weekend To Remember!


1/10 – Peculiar People Day – Shout out to the Millennial youth group kids!


1/5 – Mike VII Bobblehead – If you bleed purple and gold and collect bobbleheads (very specific demographic) than THIS is for you!

Mike VII Bobblehead

1/2 – National Science Fiction Day – Shout out to my friend, author Lee Stephen. Check out his book series Destiny’s Edge HERE!

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