Lifesongs Staff

Josh | Mornings, Production & Website

Listen to Josh Monday-Friday from 6-10am!


Length of time at LifeSongs: Uhm… how long ago was the 90s?

Favorite LifeSongs concert: The live recording of Ginny Owens at the House Of Blues. Also David Crowder*Band & Phil Wickham at the House of Blues. Oh, and Needtobreathe at the House of Blues…

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman. I’m always down with SCC. But the current crop of new artists like We Are Messengers and Lauren Daigle are blowing me away with their awesomeness!

Guilty Pleasure: Let’s just say I pray a lot before (and after) every single delicious meal at a local restaurant…

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Hands down – the most fun people to “work” with on the planet!

Favorite non-radio related activities: It used to be playing laser tag with friends. But then I turned 30. Now it’s playing ANYTHING with my two awesome kids or snuggling up for a Netflix binge with my wife, Elena.

One word that describes you: Strategery

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Nancy | Mornings

Listen to Nancy Monday-Friday from 5:30am-10am!

Length of time at LifeSongs: On and off for almost 2 Decades! (Yikes! Time flies when you’re having fun!)

Favorite Lifesongs Concert: Newsboys at Celebration Church (who doesn’t love a concert with a spinning drummer!)

Favorite Lifesongs Artist: I have a very eclectic love of Christian music from Skillet to for King and Country – I really like Hollyn too!

Guilty Pleasure: Anything with real bacon and bar-b-q flavored chips.

What do I Love about being back at Lifesongs? I Love the challenge of being around so many talented and creative people, and hoping to keep up. I Love that the Lifesongs family that I get to work with LOVE what they do and it shows! I also love being in a workplace where we get to talk about Jesus!

Favorite non- radio thing: I enjoy DIY projects, and thrift shopping I’m all about taking something old and making it look new. Our family is a bunch of foodies so we all love trying new foods and new places to eat.

One Word That Describes You: Grateful

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Libby | Middays, Program Director

Listen to Libby Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm!


Length of time at LifeSongs: Since before the Saints had 2 quarterbacks named Billy Joe. (Remember that?)

Favorite LifeSongs concert: I’m bad at picking favorites, and they’ve all been wonderful for different reasons, but I have a special place in my heart for our annual Strike Out Hunger event. The folks at Rock ‘N Bowl always make this event fantastic, and it’s been really great to get to know the hearts of the artists who join us and our amazing listeners in helping our community through the efforts of Second Harvest.

Favorite Artist: Bob Ross

Guilty Pleasure: Dogs in costume. And babies wearing glasses. Oh, and kettle corn.

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Our amazing listeners and family of supporters! This really is the greatest community I could imagine being a part of.

Favorite non-radio related activities: Wait. There are activities outside of radio?!

One word that describes you: Hungry. (For kettle corn.)

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JoJo | Afternoons

Listen to JoJo Monday-Friday from 2-6pm!


Length of time at LifeSongs: Since the 2015 days of summer fun.

Favorite LifeSongs concert: Any concert where tobyMac is present!!

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: tobyMac, Francesca Battistelli, Group 1 Crew

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream.

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Being a part of a greater cause for Christ.

Favorite non-radio related activities: Spending time with my husband, 2 kids, family and also hanging out with my church family, painting, shopping and anything to do with fashion.

One word that describes you: Authentic.

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Joel | Weekends & Programs

Length of time at LifeSongs: Since June 2017

Favorite LifeSongs concert: I have yet to attend one, but there are many I am looking forward to! I’ll update my answer in a year or so.

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: Definitely Hillsong United

Guilty Pleasure: Probably Taco Bell. A lot of times I’m getting home late and it is the only thing open! It is so delicious and regrettable with every bite.

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: The family. It’s a small, tight-knit group that I couldn’t be more proud and blessed to be a part of. Also, being able to spread the gospel of God across South Louisiana!

Favorite non-radio related activities: Playing drums at church, especially for youth! It is so incredible seeing so many young people with their hearts on fire for Jesus. I also love rooting for and talking about our New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

One word that describes you: Easygoing (yes that is one word)

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Julie | General Manager & Operations Coordinator


Length of time at LifeSongs: I’ve been with LifeSongs in New Orleans since 2000. But before that, in 1998, LifeSongs owned a small AM Southern Gospel station in Atlanta, that I worked at for a short time under the stage name of Rosie. True Story.

Favorite LifeSongs concert: The first LifeSongs concert after Hurricane Katrina. It could have been any artist, but it happened to be Chris Tomlin at the House of Blues. The morning of the concert, Chris Tomlin had heard New Orleans’ own Hack Bartholomew playing outside Cafe du Monde and invited him to open for the concert. That night was magical.

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: JJ Heller. Everything she’s ever done is perfection.

Guilty Pleasure: Reality tv!

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Working with lifelong friends.

Favorite non-radio related activities: Sleeping, eating, watching tv, playing with my son Finn & my husband Doug.

One word that describes you: Chatty.

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Jasmine | Social Media & Marketing

Length of time at LifeSongs: Since March 2017 🙂

Favorite LifeSongs concert: For King & Country!!!

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: Moriah Peters

Guilty Pleasure: DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK, there isn’t even a close second.

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Hearing from our listeners and being able to be a small part of the BIG thing God is doing through this ministry.

Favorite non-radio related activities: Spending time with my family and my dog Rollie. I also enjoy reading, writing, biking, and cooking.

One word that describes you: Sincere

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Ben | Website

Length of time at LifeSongs: Since September 2017.

Favorite LifeSongs concert: Lecrae @ the House of Blues – It was LIT!!

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: Lecrae, Social Club Misfits, John Mark McMillan, Penny and Sparrows

Guilty Pleasure: Twix (Chocolate), Food (I Just LOVE to Eat – All the Time)

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Praying together. LifeSongs is another family that encourages and affirms me not only as an employee, but also as a family member. Especially in the struggles that I face sometimes. We Genuinely and Sincerely pray for our Listeners.

Favorite non-radio related activities: Play the Guitar, watch TV Shows, I love anything to do with Audio – Recording Studio (Mixing, Recording, Singing..), and watch movies in the theater as they come out.

One word that describes you: Intentional.

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Vance | Underwriting

Vance wants to connect your business, church, school and organization with LifeSongs!

Length of time at LifeSongs: Yeah about that… How about just call me the new guy.

Favorite LifeSongs concert: Newsboys

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: Newsboys & Crowder (I can’t pick between the two! Newsboys helped me find Jesus and Crowder is just amazing).

Guilty Pleasure: Playing sound tech for EMPOWERED – a Christian rock band.

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: The ability to work with amazing people all while being a small part of helping to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Favorite non-radio related activities: Spending time with my amazing wife and two wonderful children!

One word that describes you: Devoted.

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Pat | Office Manager


Length of time at LifeSongs: 18 years – August 2015

Favorite LifeSongs concert: Ginny Owens

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: Michael W. Smith

Guilty Pleasure: Strawberries & Ice Cream!!!

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Having loving, praying co-workers who are actually brothers & sisters in Christ!

Favorite non-radio related activities: Reading, walking (beginning again) & assisting Bizzie (my hubby) cooking!

One word that describes you: The word for now is WIRED!

Adam | IT of Excellence


Length of time at LifeSongs: A very long time

Favorite LifeSongs concert: Matt Maher

Favorite LifeSongs Artist: The City Harmonic

Guilty Pleasure: Upgrading RAM

Favorite part of being in the LifeSongs family: Working with fellow believers!

Favorite non-radio related activities: Playing computer games, Listening to music, Traveling, Photography

One word that describes you: Kryptonian