Going for the Gold | Libby

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I love our Saints. I cheer on our Pelicans. But one of my favorite competitions to watch is the National Spelling Bee. Last year, it was called off, like most things. Not only was it back this year, but the champion, Zaila Avant-garde, is a local teenager from Harvey. Her triumph was well-earned and so sweet to watch. Especially when she twirled with joy and said she was most excited about getting a trophy. The best! Team Westbank all the way!

Speaking of teams and rescheduled events, the Summer Olympics are back this month, too! And these athletes also possess amazing super human abilities. I’m so excited to watch & cheer them on.

Do you have a superpower? Maybe it’s not spelling or athleticism, but I believe God’s gifted you uniquely. Think about it. Maybe you have the ability to remember people’s names. Do you know what a gift that is?! Those whose names you remember likely feel valued knowing someone noticed and remembered them.

Or maybe your smile lights up a room. Sometimes eye contact and a friendly face can make all the difference in someone’s mood or outlook. Maybe you’re a natural encourager.

So many of us are going through life feeling alone and burdened. Noticing a need and doing something about it, even simply walking alongside those going through it so they know they aren’t alone, is an incredible thing. It’s what the LifeSongs Today’s Good News stories are made of! And it helps shine the light and love of Jesus to our world.

We may not have an Olympic uniform, medals or a trophy, but we’re grateful we get to be on Team LifeSongs together. That’s a team dedicated to encouraging each other and sharing God’s love with our community. If loving God and loving others were an Olympic event, we’d be going for the gold together.