When I Joined the Family | Joel

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Maybe it’s not enough to have “Thank You’s” front and center in a myriad of ways on our home page. I cannot stop thinking about how grateful we all are for those that decided to support our ministry. And this is a ministry. It’s also a family. LifeSongs is a ministry I couldn’t be prouder to be apart of, and it’s a family I couldn’t be any more inspired by.

When I look back retrospectively at the circumstances that brought me into this family, it’s truly incredible to see the way God works. We think we know what’s best, but we truly don’t. He does.

I’ll never forget waking up the morning of my interview with excitement, and surprisingly, reluctance. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be here or in this situation. I grew up listening to LifeSongs and was incredibly intrigued by the opportunity! The opportunity wasn’t something I particularly sought out, but rather had been approached about by a wonderful woman you hear in the mornings, whom I refer to as Mrs. Nancy.

The truth was I honestly did not know if this was the right situation for me. I had a plethora of things on my plate at the time and adding just another duty to that was daunting. Cue the anxiety.

On the morning of my interview, a massive storm was expected to hit the New Orleans area (it amounted to mostly nothing, shocking!). I thought about calling it off. I get anxious about starting something new, as most do. The storm seemed like the perfect excuse to call it off and maybe reschedule for a date that may never truly come. It was the perfect excuse! But God had other plans. Despite the weather, I was able to overcome my anxieties and make the drive over here in my Jeep Wrangler that had a leaky soft top, thus requiring a rain jacket when driving in inclement weather. I felt indifferent when I arrived. If it works, great! If not, oh well.

I have an excellent memory. It’s a blessing, and at rare times, a burden. But to be completely honest, I can hardly recall the interview I had with Julie and Libby that morning.

What I can remember is walking out of the interview and texting my parents, my Life Group, my girlfriend, and anyone who I looked up to, to pray for me. Asking they’d pray that I get this “job.” I approached the interview hesitant, reluctant, incredulous, but I left feeling the polar opposite.

I texted a group message of 20 of the most hardcore praying people I know from church, saying something along the lines of, “If I don’t get this, I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

Not but two hours after I leaving, I received a congratulatory email.

The wording of the following back-and-forth emails between Julie, Libby, and I were joyful. Even reading them now brings a smile similar to the one I had upon receiving them.

It’s easy to look at those emails like the day that I got hired to work for LifeSongs. But I don’t look at it like that whatsoever. That was the day I became apart of an incredible family. A family that always ceases to amaze me. And every six months when we have our LifeSongs Share-A-Thon, I am always left in complete awe.

Unfortunately, there’s not really much of a moral here.

My heart is full with gratitude for the family of LifeSongs and God’s faithfulness. We’re all so thankful for you and your gifts.

Every day when I come in and sit down at my desk, say hello to every incredible person who works here, or interact with our family at concerts, or interact with those for Share-A-Thon; I think about how I was so reluctant to do this, due to other temporary obstacles in my life. But God knew what’s best. I’m so thankful He knew. I’m so thankful that morning he instilled the confidence in me to make my way over here for my interview. And I’m so thankful for the family of LifeSongs for making this ministry a possibility in the first place. You are the source of joy, hope, and peace for many– including myself and everyone here at LifeSongs.