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Ahhh..spring has sprung, and I am so excited about it.

In the past, I have actually not been a spring person. I have always preferred fall and winter over spring and summer any year besides this past year.

I feel like most of us need a springtime after the tail-end of 2020 and even the winter storms of 2021.

With all the blooming flowers and maybe some new allergy attacks, I am doing the not so dreaded spring cleaning.

I am having a blast getting rid of the old to make room for the new. I realized that even in the springtime when you are cleaning out old or worn out stuff, we still tend to keep things that hold their monetary and sentimental value to us.

When I think of LifeSongs, I think, “Man, we’ve been around for awhile.”

However, unlike worn out clothing or toys, we still hold our value. God still faithfully uses this ministry to change lives, and while we have been around awhile, we still carry value and hold a purpose.

Thank you for seeing the value in this ministry. This past Spring Shareathon, you all showed up in such a powerful way. Thank you for being a part of the value that God shares through this ministry. We would not exist without your support.