The Power of Prayer | Vance

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Sometimes we sit down at dinner and we pray for our food. Other Times we get in bed at night and pray our last prayer of the day and sometimes we pray at church with our pastor. 

Over the last few weeks I had an episode where I did not know if i was going to make it. It started one Saturday evening when I felt a slight pain in my chest, it got progressively worse. The pain increased so much that I had to go to the Emergency Room.  On my way to the ER is when the prayers started, not a regular prayer but an intense almost demanding prayer. 

When we arrived at the ER it seemed like my heart was doing okay. So, I was given pain medicine and sent home. The next day, I woke up and the pain in my chest was still there, I took some pain medicine and waited until around 4pm and I looked at my wife and said, “we have to go!” We made our way back to the ER where tests were run, even a cat scan. By this time they thought for sure it would be blood clots. 

During this time my wife was a trooper, and she never stopped praying. 

I went to the CT scan, to see WHERE the clot was, not to see if I had one, but to see where it was. After some time passed since the CT scan the doctor came in and said, “I can’t explain what is going on”. He said, “if your heart is perfect you have no clots, I am going to send you home.” My wife and I were both a little agitated because we didn’t have answers to what was going on with me. 

So, we went home and the pain medicine started to wear off and I was still in pain and could not sleep. The next morning, I reached out to Julie and let her know I was going to stay home at least half a day and see If i could get some rest. On Monday mornings, we have our weekly staff meeting and we pray for our listeners and for anyone that needs prayer. Right at the time they prayed, my pain started to go away, my breathing was getting better and  I started to feel better. EI was feeling so great I was able to meet with a client that evening! 

And now, today as I write this blog I am feeling better by the minute.  So, the next time you are praying, understand the POWER you have with each prayer. Understand that even when you feel like prayer is not working, pray harder! GOD is listening and He hears everyone’s prayer and will answer them all because–GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!