What’s New | May 17

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Have you ever gone through a season of life when you felt defeated? Broken, even? Tasha Layton can relate. She says, “There have been times in my life when I thought I was really broken. But when I look back on those seasons, I realize now that God was breaking new ground in me. He was digging things up to get to the roots so that I could ultimately be healed. Painful, yes, but God was doing something new. And in the end, I am so glad He did. That He’ll never stop helping me see who He really is—and who He created me to be.”

That’s the inspiration for her song, “Look What You’ve Done.” She says, “I pray that you when you find yourself in a difficult place, you’ll be reminded that He is working to make you new, whole and more like Him. It’s amazing to think about what God can do in us. He can pull out every root of every lie in our hearts and replace it with His truth. And when I think about that all I want to say is Hallelujah.”

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