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I’m off to a slow start this year after testing positive for Covid on New Year’s Eve. And it may seem like it’s too late to start something new, but we’re only 3 weeks into the 52 weeks we have this year! And these resolutions are something to work toward this year, not something to perfect from the start.

The past couple of years I’ve been trying to think about New Year’s resolutions a little differently. I answer these questions and then make my New Year’s resolutions based on the answers:
How can I treat myself better?
How can I bring myself peace?
How can I bring joy to the people I love?

At the beginning of last year, I made a resolution to treat myself better by “asking for help.” It is definitely an ongoing process, but I am getting better at it! That is one resolution that I will carry over into this year. In 2022, I also began meditating and going to counseling to bring myself peace. Both of those things have been so helpful to me and I will continue them in 2023.

What about you? How can you treat yourself better this year? How can you bring yourself peace? How can you bring joy to the people you love? Share with me via email – [email protected].

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