What’s New | January 30

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Jesus uses our stories and Jesus shows up in our lives in ways we wouldn’t even expect or fathom. That’s the story in Matthew West’s song “My Story Your Glory.” He shares, “After spending a lot of my career getting to know all of you and your stories, I wanted to find a way to capture that. I love writing songs about the people I’ve met that have impacted me along the way.” 


Identity. Our source is in God alone, and yet so many of us struggle with our worth and value. Andrew Ripp wrote his song “For The Love Of God” during a time when God revealed to him that his worth was not based on musical talent, success or performance. He says, “At a time when my dreams had been crushed, my desire to be a dad had not yet come to fruition, and my heart was broken, He showed up. I will never forget that and nobody can ever take that away from me now that I have history with Him to remind me of His faithfulness and goodness. Even in the midst of disappointment and heartbreak there’s still hope.”

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