What’s New | January 23

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“There’s no place like home.” We’ve all heard the saying, and those of us in Southeast Louisiana know how true it is. So does Michael Cochren of Cochren & Co. He sings about our ultimate home in his song “Running Home.” He shares, “When I think of what ‘home’ means, I think of comfort, rest, safety, and love. When we go off looking for these things in the broken world, we never find it. Ultimately, we only find what we need when we return to our loving God. This song is an anthem declaring, “I’m done running away, I’m running home!” 


With their song “First Things First,” a ballad pointing listeners to the things that hold eternal value, Oklahoma natives Consumed By Fire are honoring their late father, who passed away in the spring of 2022. “Writing ‘First Things First’ spearheaded the creation of a new direction for us. Every record you make is sort of a chapter of your life. In this chapter, everything we thought we wanted and were geared up for, we’re saying we surrender all those things. We’re saying, ‘Lord, we want what You want.’ It’s a prayer of surrender, especially after losing our dad. We just want to surrender our dreams and our hopes to the Lord.” -Jordan, Consumed By Fire


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