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Today is crazy, let’s just face it, or should we say facemask it. From isolation from the world to wearing a mask and now school is starting, kinda. You may find yourself not paying attention to your relationships that mean the most to you. If you are married you might just be floating through each day expecting everything to be “OK”. You may be so overwhelmed with everything that you may have neglected your wife or husband. 

I encourage you to remember the words “For better or for worse”, also remember that GOD put you together so that you could be a support system for each other. Stop today and let them know you love them and that together you are stronger. 

You might find that your relationship with GOD is not where it used to be. You may be caught up in making sure you have your mask or getting the kids ready for school, or even still trying to figure out how or what your job looks like. 

Remember that GOD is with us every step of the way. Take some time to thank Him for all the good we still have. I assure you that taking the time to pray for thankfulness will remind you that no matter how complicated things are, you have way more to be thankful for. Because GOD is GOOD All the TIME!