What’s New | August 24

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Does your current situation seem hopeless? If you feel like you are in a tough place, maybe a season of mourning, take heart. Elevation Worship has some encouragement for you. “Our faith is built on the truth that when Jesus hung on a cross and was placed in a tomb, it wasn’t the end. He wasn’t buried, he was only planted. What the world saw as defeat, God knew was a victory.”

Their song “Graves Into Gardens” reminds us that our faith is in a resurrected King, and the reality that resurrection is still happening and is possible in our own lives. So take a second look at what you may have considered “dead” in their life. Shift your perspective and allow yourself to see new life in seemingly dead places. Because what God breathes on must come to life. And what we may see as a grave, God sees as a garden.

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