Dave Frey | Morning Show

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Dave Frey is like sunshine became a person. This bubbly, talented lead singer of Sidewalk Prophets took some time with Josh to talk about their big 3D live stream concert coming up on Sunday night! Plus, catch all the stuff that didn’t make it on the air with the LifeSongs podcast!  And then – get your (free) ticket to see the concert on Sunday! (Details below)

The concert has come and gone – but you can CLICK HERE to relive the awesomeness!

Miss the excitement of a live concert? So do Sidewalk Prophets – so they are giving the LifeSongs family our very own show! The Things That Got Us Here Virtual Album Experience in 3D!

WHAT: Sidewalk Prophets “The Things That Got Us Here” Virtual Album Experience in 3D
WHEN: Sunday, August 30, 2020
WHERE: Wherever you are!
TICKETS: CLICK HERE to register for the event – it’s FREE! (Well, technically it’s Pay-What-You-Can)  You do need a reservation, so get on that!