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Prayer works!

The family and I went to Tennessee this past Thanksgiving to visit my wife’s brother and his family. They have a small cabin in the woods on the side of a mountain overlooking a beautiful lake – it is so beautiful!

The journey began Tuesday night right after LifeSongs Skate Night. My wife was home with the kids packing up and getting us ready to leave for our ten-hour drive. (I love driving at night with my family asleep and no one on the road.) We wrapped up skate night and I drove the LifeSongs mobile back to the station. Then I jumped in my truck headed home, and loaded her up – Packed the kids in the back seat with blankets and pillows and the wife in the passenger seat with much of the same.

We had drinks at the ready and snacks for days. We were ready to roll out and begin our adventure!

I drove all night and into the morning, enjoying the views from the deer on the side of the road to the mountains and the beautiful GOD-painted canvas all around me. As we turned down the road leading to the cabin I woke up my family and they were so excited. My goal was to catch a few Z’s and then spend time with everyone but that did not happen. I decided to stay up and just hang out.

As the day came to a close it was time for me to turn in and boy was I tired. I reached in my bag for my CPAP machine only to find that there was no mask for me to sleep with. I was beside myself! I was so tired yet I did not have the equipment I needed to get any sleep. I was so upset. The smallest thing was looked over and missed, not due to anyone’s fault, it was just missing.

The next day was Thanksgiving and there was no way anyone was going to be open for me to even buy a mask. I was not going to be able to stay there and not sleep for 4 days. I told the wife to get a good night’s sleep and that we are going to have to leave the next day. She said pray! I said, “I will pray but there is no way prayer is going to open a store on Thanksgiving.” The night was so long that I would sleep for 20 min at a time and wake up in a panic from not breathing.
Daylight started to creep in and the wife woke up and started calling places around the area. To my expectations, all she got was answering services. We started the day cooking, well warming up food, and she kept praying!

Then GOD answered her prayer and showed me that no prayer goes unheard!

Brandye got a phone call from a weird number and on the other end was a guy who happened to listen to the message that she had left. He said, come to my store I will meet you there and sell you a mask.”

I almost fell out! GOD answered Brandye’s prayer – I was in shock. Here was a guy taking time away from his family on Thanksgiving to help me out! That has to be GOD! We jumped in the truck, drove an hour away, and got my mask.

I ate Thanksgiving dinner and dove into the bed strapped on my new mask and slept like a baby for about 5 hours. I woke up and enjoyed the rest of the trip with my family.

I will never doubt the power of prayer again and always count on God. Why you might ask…..Because God is Good all the Time!