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I don’t want to be warm, I want to be on fire. Let me explain…

Does your office or home get stupid cold in the Winter? I swear it feels like the AC is running in the LifeSongs office even when it’s 40 degrees outside. For that reason most of us wear sweatshirts every day or have blankets at our desks – and the boss (Julie) actually has a small heater that she keeps running under her computer desk.

If you enter Julie’s office it’s like walking into a vision quest hut in the desert. There are ambient lamps, essential oils float through the air and it is a good 15 degrees warmer than anywhere else in the building. It’s calming. It’s peaceful. And most of all, it is ALWAYS warm. It’s where we retreat to when we can’t feel our fingers – which is very frustrating to Julie because she is also extremely busy and doesn’t have time for us to visit her sweat lodge.

Being warmed up is a beautiful thing. A cup of hot chocolate during the Winter – the perfect blanket on the couch – heated seats in your car – a fireplace crackling… it all just feels luxurious and comfortable. But warm isn’t exactly a good thing for a follower of Jesus. In fact, Jesus used the metaphor of being hot, cold or lukewarm for God’s Kingdom and the most offensive to God was being warm. (Revelation 3:15-17)

A warm Christian is comfortable. They aren’t passionate or, on the other end of the spectrum, against the cause – they are simply taking up space. I think a Christian simmers down to a comfy warmth when their focus becomes safety and satisfaction instead of Loving and proving their Love through generous acts and compassion. (James 2)

I’m guilty of being a warm Christian. I crave comfort and safety and familiarity. So much of my lived-out faith becomes about me, me, me instead of Him, Him, HIM! Thankfully, there’s Grace. And the Holy Spirit pushing and gnawing at my heart to step up, out of the selfish, comfy warmth and into a Fire that is all consuming.