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I do not have an extensive wardrobe. I rotate the same shirts and pants each week. Most days I wear the same shoes (a pair of black New Balance sneakers) because they are comfortable and don’t attract attention. But I was feeling feisty a few weeks ago, preparing to go to Miramar Beach for the Lauren Daigle Kaleidoscope Weekend. I wanted some sock-free slip-on shoes and saw

Josh & Elena at Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend

that Van’s had released a wide cut of their classic checkerboard slip-ons. After a little deal searching, I ordered the new kicks and have enjoyed having a little variety in my footwear.

But I noticed a change in my swagger with the new shoes. When I wear the old school slip-ons (#nosockssaturday), I feel different. I feel a little more laid back – a little less stressed – a little more “come what may.”

Maybe that’s why the Apostle Paul told the Church in Ephesus to “put on the full armor of God” (Ephesians Chapter 6) … I mean if new shoes can make you feel like a new man or woman, how much more of a change should we experience when we intentionally clothe ourselves in the attitude of Christ!?

Pray with me as we clothe ourselves spiritually with the “Armor of God”:

Father, thank you for providing us the steps to take to prepare ourselves to live this life well, as sacrifices for Your Kingdom.

We put on the BELT OF TRUTH and BODY ARMOR OF (Your) GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS, knowing You declare what is Right from Wrong and we are protected from the enemy because your Righteousness is perfect and strong.

The SHOES OF PEACE help us walk in completeness with your Spirit inside of us, as we dwell on your Good News. And we hold the SHIELD OF FAITH which protects us from the devil’s attacks.

Our minds are protected by the HELMET OF SALVATION – You redeem our minds daily, replacing the darkness of our worries with the confidence of Your Love. And when we speak, we wield the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT – Your words, not ours, bringing hope to everyone in our lives.

In Jesus name, Amen.