What’s New | May 20

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It’s far too easy in our overly distracted world to get sidetracked by the cares and concerns of this life. At the end of the day, though, remembering and honoring the name of Jesus is our most important everyday task. MercyMe’s song “Always Only Jesus” is a rally cry to do just that. Bart Millard says, “I wanted to write lyrics that somehow painted a picture of the mightiness of God. The only thing that truly matters – that’s worth worshipping, is Always Only Jesus.”

The creator of the universe calls each of us by name, bringing us from death into life. How incredible is that? We can believe in the redemption and freedom that comes through a relationship with God. Josh Baldwin’s song “Made for More” encourages us to embrace our true identity and live purposeful lives, leaving behind past mistakes and living in His abundant grace. Josh shares, “This song just speaks about our identity in Christ and who we are called to be… Knowing who we are starts with just knowing what the Lord did for us. As you listen to this song, I pray that the Lord will begin to reveal who you are in Him. I pray that you will be reminded that the Creator of the universe has called you by name; and He’s brought us from death to life. We’ve been created for so much more than we could even imagine.”

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