What’s New | May 27

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If Matthew 6 were a song, it would sound like Taya’s “Gonna Be Good.” This joy-filled song feels like giving your cares to the Lord with full confidence that He will provide. There’s no need to worry, the God that created us knows our every need.

In writing his song, “Just As You Are,” Ryan Stevenson was inspired by one of his favorite authors, Brennan Manning. Ryan says, “Sharing as if God was speaking directly to him, Manning said, ‘God loves you, just as you are, not as you should be; because none of us are as we should be.’ That was a profound statement for me, and one that has since shaped my perspective about God as well as the way I perceive others. I believe this is paramount in understanding the Truth about the finished work of Jesus. His sacrifice made a way for us—not our own efforts and striving. Knowing that HE began a good work, we can take a deep breath and rest because He is faithful to His word to perform it.”

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