Legacy | Julie

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My grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was two weeks shy of 99 years old.

I wasn’t a very good grand-daughter. When I was growing up, we would make the 5 hour trip to visit every year. But once I was married, had a child, and was balancing holidays between two families, the trip became more difficult to schedule.

But I always respected my Mamaw.

When her husband passed away, she was left to raise their four sons. At that point, her sister Hazel moved in with them. In our eyes, they went together like peanut butter and jelly – Mamaw and Hazel. They lived in a simple house in the country and worked in a factory. And in their last years, they were in a nursing home.

At the funeral, I was surprised at the turn-out. Her three living sons and one of her step-sons were in attendance, along with her seven grand-daughters and nine great grandchildren.

She wasn’t fancy or famous. But she left a wonderful legacy. She raised boys who grew up to be loved and respected by their peers. Eight of my father’s co-workers and friends made the five hour roadtrip for the funeral. My uncle’s co-workers stood with their hats over their hearts as the funeral procession drove past. I’m sure there were many other acknowledgements that I missed.

Her grand-daughters are teachers, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, and marathon runners. Who knows what her great grandchildren will be!

I wonder what she did in her life to have such an impact on this world – to leave behind sons, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who are loved, supported, and making their own impact.

I didn’t know her as well as I should have. But I know she loved God. And she loved her family. Her life wasn’t easy, actually, it was probably a difficult life. But she persevered. She didn’t give up. She kept going. And God was faithful. He has blessed her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Proverbs 13:22 – “A good man leaves an inheritance of moral stability and goodness to his children’s children.”