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Over the past couple of months, Satan has been throwing everything that he can at me and my family, trying to see what sticks.

My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, my mother-in-law has been diagnosed with breast cancer, my son developed a bacterial infection and yes, the list continues on. My bank account was attacked, my dream truck transmission is going out – there’s more, but I don’t waste anymore time so I will end there.

Satan is truly throwing everything that he can to take away my JOY and make me have doubt. However, I work for LifeSongs.

I do not have to be, but want to be a little bit of positivity for everyone I come into contact with each day as an ambassador for LifeSongs. So, I pray each night and I truly wake up in a great mood and my JOY gets stronger each day. I refuse to let Satan take away my JOY.

Now to the part where Satan loses again.

My mother is getting better and this has caused my family to become closer and allowed me to talk to them about GOD and what he has done in my life. My mother-in-law’s cancer surgery went really well and she is healing. My son’s infection is getting better. And I received a phone call from my insurance company that they missed a payment and will be sending me a check. This covered all that was lost plus some!

All of these are miracles in my book! If you dig hard enough you may be able to find another explanation – but not for this next miracle…

The warranty claim on my truck was fully denied and I was one day from having to turn in my rental car. My service writer was doing everything he could to make this claim happen for me, but he kept getting shot down. I decided to call the company myself and explained what was going on. The rep that answered asked if she could have a manager call me back, and I of course, told her yes. Several hours went by, so I decided to call back.

This same lady that previously had answered the phone explained to me that the replacement was approved. I asked over and over, “Are you sure?” She keep saying yes. I then called my service writer and he was as excited as I was, however, he had his doubts. He knew that the manager and inspector had called him and denied the claim. However, when he called it was surely approved! He explained to me that no one in that company should have over-ridden the inspector.

And that’s where I received even more JOY! I was able to explain to him that GOD has me and loves me, and knew what Satan has been doing to me.

You see, GOD has the ability to override everything. GOD used what was going on in my life to show others that nothing should ever take away our JOY, and that he truly uses everything for his good (Romans 8:28).

The reason I never lost my JOY through this is because – GOD is GOOD, all the TIME!