What’s New | Nov 19

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Ever have those times in life when you just don’t feel okay? Darren Mulligan of We Are Messengers knows the struggle, too. He says, “I believe that God works all things together for the good of those who love him, but we can’t escape the fact that we’re hurting, anxious, disappointed and afraid.”

We Are Messengers’s new song, “Maybe It’s Ok” is an anthem of surrender, a reminder that we all have moments when things are far from ideal. But it’s in those moments that we desperately need to ask God to put everything right.

“I find that Jesus is with me in the heartache; holding onto me and leading me into the tough times. Everything sad is being undone. But it’s going to take a little time. Getting well is a messy business. So take it easy on yourself. God has taken every mistake, every hurt, and is making something really beautiful. I’m facing the reality of where I am right here, right now, and I’m trusting in Jesus. I’ve realized that maybe it’s ok even when I’m not ok.” -Darren Mulligan (We Are Messengers)

Tori Kelly also knows what those feelings of “not okay” feel like. Her latest song, “Never Alone,” came from a time when she was battling loneliness.  Even though we may sometimes have to deal with feeling lonely, thanks to God, we know we are NEVER alone. God is always with us.

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