I’m So Blessed | Julie

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All too often lately, I’ve been hearing these words out of my son’s mouth, “But mom, all my friends have (blank)!” And you can fill in the blank with any number of things. And I want to be frustrated with him and ask, “If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you jump off too?” But I refrain.

If I think about it, even though I might not vocalize my thoughts in the same way, don’t I think the same way? Why can’t I have a home as nice as this friend? Why can’t I go on a trip to Hawaii like that friend? Why can’t my family’s schedule be like that family’s? Why can’t my family make just a little more money? Aren’t I basically saying, “But God, all my friends have (blank)!”

The truth is, no matter what I have there will always be nicer homes, more places to visit, more peaceful families, more money to be made. But I prayed for this home. I’ve been to amazing places – even “The Most Magical Place on Earth!” I love my crazy little family. And God has always provided for my family.

And when I think about that, my heart is full of so much gratitude. I am so blessed. And I can’t be anything but thankful. And one of those blessings is YOU, our LifeSongs listeners, supporters, and family!

Every spring and fall, we fundraise to provide for the LifeSongs ministry for the next 6 months. We are listener supported and we depend on listener donations for 65% of our budget! Sometimes it seems like those 6 months between Share-a-thons goes by so quickly and before we know it, it’s time to fundraise again. And sometimes it is really difficult to ask for support, especially when money is extra tight, due to a hurricane, a pandemic, or inflation.

But when we remember that God has provided for LifeSongs through YOU, the listeners of LifeSongs since 1979 and He continues to do so, we can only be grateful! We are so blessed. Your generosity leaves us speechless, (and that’s saying a lot from people who work in radio!)

We are so thankful for you. We say it often, because it is true! The ministry of LifeSongs would not exist without you and your support. Thank you!