What’s New | October 3

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2 Corinthians 5:17, one of Mac Powell’s favorite verses, inspired his song, “New Creation.” In Christ, we get to be something different than we were before. We are made new! And even through hard times and struggles, when we are reminded that we need a savior, that God is at work. Mac shares that he thought he knew God, but he really only knew Him after experiencing hardship. He’s come to realize that every difficulty is a chance to know the Lord on a deeper level and to become better, or perhaps, someone new altogether.


We are endlessly critical of ourselves and often don’t see ourselves as God does. What we see as broken and unlovable, God sees as His beautiful creation that He died to save. For King & Country’s song “Love Me Like I Am” (featuring Jordin Sparks!) is a reminder of how much our Creator loves us, even when we struggle to accept and love ourselves. This is a song celebrating those who love us despite our flaws, and a God who does the same.


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