Grateful | Libby

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It’s not hard to find something to be thankful for. God has given us breath in our lungs and a new day! Family, friends, jobs, homes – the list goes on and on. And yet, if I’m being honest, it’s not always praise and thanksgiving that I’m spouting. Why is it so easy to focus on what we think we’re missing vs. all that we’ve been given?

Life is crazy busy, maybe busier than it’s ever been. I think maybe that’s part of it. We’re so busy “doing,” that we feel overwhelmed – and that can lead to complaining. If we don’t keep that in check, it can become our default setting. Yikes!

Can we challenge ourselves instead to be purposeful in our gratitude? When our days feel like one big blur that leaves us exhausted, let’s thank God for the gift of today, the day He has made. When life feels hard and we’re in a season of waiting, let’s thank God for His perfect timing as He works it all out for good. Those days that feel filled with setbacks and aggravations? We can thank Him then, too. Thank Him for being present, even in the smallest of trials.

When our perspective shifts away from ourselves and onto God (who is so generous He gave up everything for us!), we can find fresh hope, beauty, joy and purpose all around us. Thank God! And thank you for joining me on this journey of thankfulness. I’m grateful you’re part of this LifeSongs family.

And if you’re thankful for God’s generosity and looking forward to celebrating the Greatest Gift ever given, be sure to join LifeSongs for your Christmas soundtrack, beginning Thanksgiving evening at 8pm. Why Christmas music? We know just how many people are searching for some comfort and joy these days. Our prayer is that those who may stumble upon LifeSongs and hear a familiar holiday tune would find the true “thrill of HOPE” in our only source, and in the reason we have to celebrate: Jesus. Please pray that they stick around, even after Christmas, to continue hearing messages of good news and great joy on LifeSongs. We have so much to be thankful for!