Jocias Vintage Market | Vance

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It’s Christmas, y’all! One of the great things I get to do as a part of the LifeSongs family is work hand in hand with local business owners. I love that I get to go out into the world and talk to business owners that put Jesus first!

One business that does that so well is Jocias Vintage Market in Houma. I recently took a ride out to Houma to visit with Cindy, John and their daughter. They took time out of their day to give me a tour of their marketplace. The first thing you will notice is John and Cindy greeting you as you walk in, and how truly happy they are that you are there. It’s a personal touch you don’t get from a corporate or chain store. Then you will notice the Godly messages all over the store! Yet another thing we do not see too often in big box stores. Last but not least you will see how clean the place is and how organized the merchandise is. These are all the things that you will only see and can expect from a locally owned and operated business like Jocias Vintage Market.

I loved my visit at Jocias Vintage Market. No picture will give this place the justice it deserves, and the warmth you will feel when you walk in. John and Cindy have a passion for their business, their clients and GOD. Join me in wishing them success in this holiday season.


Jocias Vintage Market is a safe fun place to go and get your Christmas shopping done. Merry Christmas! And remember, shop local, be safe and know that GOD is GOOD all the TIME!