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About a week ago Josh asked if I could write my blog for this week about my experience with the Lysa TerKeurst event, “You’re Going To Make It Tour.”  The event featured Lysa TerKerst, Hope Darst and Dr. Joel Muddamalle and took place at Covenant Church in Houma. I can tell you I was very happy to go and looking forward to receiving some new wisdom. I have read quite a few books by Lysa and love the music of Hope Darst.. I had not heard about Dr. Muddamalle, but figured he was going to be great as well, considering the evening lineup.

Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

I began the evening with expectations of being able to settle in and listen once we did our meet and greet with our Houma friends. The hour plus car ride flew by with Elena and I catching up and chatting. We never get to hang that much in the office, so the fellowship was long overdue and made the ride go so much faster.

We get to Covenant Church a couple of hours early and are greeted by some of the church volunteers that are helping for the event and it’s like we were part of their church family ! We had some sort of kindredness with them as they held the door open for us.  Some even offering to help carry our gear in!  I knew we were with “our people” when a volunteer named Christy came right up and “un-poofed “ my hair that went frizzy, thanks to the humidity on the bayou!

Elena and I spent the evening by our LifeSongs table.  It was as if we were in a wedding reception receiving line: non-stop friends from Houma swinging by, telling us Hello and sharing their LifeSongs Stories.

A little side note: Houma girls have some of the best shoes I’ve ever seen! Also very curious on what hair products y’all use, cause even my extensions were out of control!

The event was packed ! I loved catching up with the Welch family; our faithful friends from Joe’s Boots in Houma. So many familiar faces that we had not seen in a while!

Next thing we know it’s almost 9:00! I didn’t get to listen to Lysa or Hope or see who Dr. Muddamalle is.  I expected to receive something from the event, which I did, just not in the way I thought I would.  Our Houma night encouraged Elena and I so much.  So much joy with our Houma friends! They really love their LifeSongs! They even joked how they switch back and forth between the 2 frequencies of 89.1 and 89.5 to keep tuned in to LifeSongs.

I left the evening feeling so grateful to be part of the Houma family!  I got to be in the company that evening with some friends that have generous hearts and I’m not just talking financially. Our Houma family that we got to hang with have an amazing spirit of joy, that’s contagious!  And they live our LifeSongs tag: God is Good, All the Time!

Thank you Houma. Thank you for welcoming LifeSongs into your hearts.

Thank you for being our LifeSongs Bayou Beacon of Light!