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Sometimes, we fall short. That’s true in life, and in Share-a-thons.

We wrapped up our recent fundraiser falling just a little short of where we hoped to be. (Just 3%!) Still, our hearts are incredibly grateful.

As for me, I fall short what feels like constantly. Example? My parenting skills. I wish my son ate more fruit/veggies. We try! And he’s a willing participant. He just doesn’t really seem to keep going. (More than 3% short on that one!)

I get frustrated in traffic. I over-schedule my days. I get stressed out by finances and overwhelmed by my circumstances. I’m simultaneously not doing enough and doing too much. You get it. I fall short. (A lot.)

When I do, I know I need more fruit in my life. And not the kind Gus needs to eat more of. I’m talking about the fruit of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Those things are a result of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. Which means, I need more of Him.

Spending time with God may feel daunting when we’re already overwhelmed and tossing out unused produce. But the reality is, He’s always with us, always ready to spend time with us. It doesn’t have to be some formal, planned out event. We can spend time with God when we read His Word. We can spend time talking to God on our commute. We can listen to His voice as we’re preparing dinner or taking a walk.

LifeSongs has been a huge part of reminding me of God’s constant presence. I spend time reading His Word daily through the LifeSongs Uplifting Word emails. I spend time in prayer as I drive through those school zones. I listen for Him to speak to me through the songs I hear on my drive each day, and I get to talk to Him during that time, too. Which means YOU help me plant the seeds that lead to that good fruit in my life. Thank you for giving to support this ministry, and for helping to make those moments possible each day.

Here’s to more fruit, in our diets and in our lives!