What’s New | October 9

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What is it that helps you grasp just how God feels about you? CAIN’s song “Any More” is all about how much God loves you. All three siblings in the bad recently became parents. Madison shares, “When you try to write a song from the perspective of God, write towards your kids because that’s our closest understanding of the Father’s heart.” Taylor adds, “As a new mom, I’m starting to understand the love of God a little bit better. When I look at my daughter Stevie, I don’t need anything in return from her. There’s nothing she could do to change the amount of love that I have for her. The enemy lies to us, tries to tell us that we’ve made too many mistakes, that we’re too far gone, and that God couldn’t love us anymore. We hope when you hear this song, you can sing it victoriously knowing the truth is that God couldn’t love you any more than He does right now.”


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