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For so many of us, when we think of God, we think of these ancient Bible stories or huge cathedrals, but our lives are changed when we realize He’s more than just words on a page or big monuments, He desires a personal relationship with us. When that becomes real, especially in our deepest places of hurt, it’s an incredibly powerful thing. That’s the message in Chris Tomlin’s song, “Who You Are To Me.”

Need some hope to help overcome fear these days? Andrew Ripp’s song, “Jericho” is a great anthem for that. He shares, “The story of Jericho has always been super inspiring to me, which is why I wanted to turn it into a song. It wasn’t the marching around the walls of Jericho that made them fall, it was the moment Joshua BELIEVED God over his circumstance that the city became his. Marching was just an exercise in faith and obedience. I have found this to be true over many fears that try to steal my freedom. All I need to do is believe what God says over my circumstance and then obey His word.”

When we feel overwhelmed, distracted, caught up in doubt and fear, there is One who can provide calm, give peace and set us free. That’s the reminder in Cochren & Co.’s song, “Who Can,” encouraging us to remember that it’s only God who can carry us through our darkest days – and He never leaves our side.

Even in the most uncertain times, God’s hand is on our lives. Cade Thompson sings about that in his song, “Every Step Of The Way.” Although we might not see it in the moment, we can look back and see the Lord’s plan unfold. Be encouraged, joyful, and hopeful as we face whatever life brings. Roll the windows down, turn up the volume and sing along knowing God is with us – Every Step of the Way.

Jason Gray shares his heart behind his song “Glory Days.” He says, “The word glory caught my attention in two different verses I read recently: 2 Cor. 3:18 and Romans 5:3-4. I love the way the two different uses of ‘glory’ play together in these verses. It got me thinking about the phrase ‘glory days’ and how we tend to think of the glory days as a charmed time in our life when everything was perfect and trouble-free.

But as I read those verses, and elsewhere in scripture, it’s clear that the difficult days are when God gets his best work done in us. I wondered: what if our glory days are actually the days of trouble and struggle that God uses to transform me, ‘from glory to glory?’ I noticed I’m more receptive and teachable on rough days than on the days when I’m feeling up and on top of things. It seems that it takes pain and hardship to crack me open enough so that something new can get in.

The good news is that our suffering is exactly where the love of God meets us! I find myself feeling something like a quiet anticipation on days when I’m feeling broken hearted, because I know those are good days to seek God, trusting that I’m in a good place for him to do his work in me, moving me from glory to glory, making me more of the person I most want to be—someone who looks a little more like Jesus every day. There is a deep joy for me in these days, and this is why I can glory in my sufferings!”

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