The World’s Toughest Race | Julie

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My husband and I have been watching The World’s Toughest Race Eco-Challenge on Amazon. It’s described as, “an expedition against the clock in which international teams of adventure athletes race non-stop, 24 hours a day across hundreds of miles of remote backcountry terrain.” I told my husband that the show is like LifeSongs Share-a-thon!

During Share-a-thon, there are highs and lows. There is laughing and crying. There is stress and exhaustion. There are always tough times. This Share-a-thon, we lost the first two scheduled days due to Hurricane Sally. There were multiple times when our phones and internet were out. And at one point we were even off the air!

But those struggles and the success and all the emotions that go along with them, unite us as a team. It’s an experience that you can only understand if you are part of it – as a staff member, volunteer, or donor! And when it’s over, there is so much joy. Joy that so many listeners worked together to provide for this ministry.

LifeSongs wouldn’t exist without you. We’re so glad that you are on the LifeSongs team. The words, “thank you,” seem so inadequate for our appreciation. But there are no other words, so thank you.