What’s New | March 27

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No matter how dark it may seem, God’s word will always be a light to guide us through. That’s the message in Colton Dixon’s song, “My Light.”

Sometimes the only way through difficult times in our lives is to praise God through it. Hallelujah! Praise along with Benjamin William Hastings (& Blessing Offor)’s song “That’s The Thing About Praise.”

So many of us have dealt with loss and pain, especially over the last few years. Blanca has, too. Part of that pain served as inspiration for her song “Something Better.” She shares, “Over the last few years, I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and a lot of pain — from losing my parents, to going through a divorce — just things that I never envisioned having to go through. And the crazy thing is, in the midst of all of that, it felt like there was no end, like I was going to be in that place — full of anxiety, full of pain, full of worry, full of fear — forever. But God, in His graciousness and in His goodness, brought me out of that. He healed me. He helped me. It’s still a journey to this day, but He definitely created something better from that place. That’s what God does with our life. Sometimes we go through hardships and we go through pain or losses, but in the end, He uses it to help us grow, to help us learn, or to create something better.”

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