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Sometimes life looks like skimming your pool of tree tassels while the wind is blowing and more of the pollen producing structures keep falling even after you’ve scoop them all up. 

It’s like a constant flow of using the net to get them out of the pool and as soon as you get those out, more keep falling into it! 

Like you can’t catch a break!

In case you didn’t know, there is a giant oak tree in the back of my yard. It’s so tall that it towers over our back fence and pool. 

So naturally, leaves are always falling in it. (Hence my blog from January!)

What’s falling from it this time is called catkins or tassels. They look like stringy, brown worms. 

They release pollen into the wind which in turn covers our cars from front to back with a nice coating of yellow dust! 

While a lot of the country is dealing with snowstorms, New Orleans residents are covered in pollen! 

I saw a meme that says “It doesn’t snow in the south, it pollens!” (I’ve never heard anything more accurate!)

While we are focused on going through car washes to get the pollen off of our cars and out of our pools, it can feel like a never ending task. 

Like why even bother trying to remove it?

It’s just going to come back the next day, and I’ll have to do the work to remove it all over again.

Life feels this way. 

It feels like as soon as you take 2 steps forward something happens again in life pushing you even more steps back.  

It gets to be mundane and really frustrating. 

You toil trying to remove all the bad things from your heart and life, but the trees around you keep dumping their pollen leaves on you and before you know it, you’ve given up because it’s too much to keep up with. 

Friend, it’s your job to do what the Lord has called you to. It’s God’s job to do the rest. 

Only He can quiet the storm.

Only He can silence the winds and waves.

Only He can change the seasons. 

Do what you can with the resources God has given you, but leave the rest up to the Lord.

He can part the sea, slay giants, and move mountains, but he wants YOU to be the vessel He uses! 

Sometimes life looks discouraging because you are tired of scooping tassels out of the pool, but God is bringing you into the next new season so hold on. 

Spring is coming……

And so is the LifeSongs Spring Fundraiser

You don’t have to wait until next week to be part of the giving family. You can do so RIGHT NOW!