God Provided Everything | Julie

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I am a planner. I like a routine and knowing what to expect. But I’ve worked at LifeSongs for 25 years now and been a part of approximately 50 Share-a-thons and not one of them has been the same or predictable in any way.

I love data. Math is my love language. And no matter how much data input and analyzing I do, the Share-a-thon math is not mathing. There is no pattern to be seen. There is no figuring out which hour is going to be great or which day is going to be slow. It’s always a little nerve wracking. But we just have to prepare as much as we can and trust that God is going to provide through you, our listeners. And He always does. And YOU always do.

This Spring Share-a-thon, I was even more nervous than usual. Over the past couple of years our LifeSongs team has gotten smaller and smaller. This is the smallest staff we’ve ever had heading into a Share-a-thon in decades. There were some shifts when there was only one person answering phones and other shifts when one sick person was on the air alone, because their co-host was home with a sick child. But even short on staff and what felt like running on fumes, God provided everything!

Similarly, we also noticed that there are less of you who are doing more. You who give monthly are also giving single gifts. You who had already given once, called back and gave again. We know it’s not easy to carry a heavier load and we thank you for stepping up and ensuring that this ministry is provided for. God provided everything, through YOU!

If you are not currently giving to LifeSongs, we are always in need of financial support. You can give now at https://lifesongs.denarionline.com/Donate?shareathon=202109shw