What’s New | July 3

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For all of us, ‘What are we waiting for?’ became something that we all subconsciously asked ourselves over the last couple of challenging years. It’s become an anthem in For King & Country’s song of the same title. Luke shares, “I think we want to take those lessons learned into what some people call ‘a new normal.’ I don’t want to go back exactly to how things were because I think I’ve learned a lot of valuable things and this is about taking what we’ve journeyed through into the future. When you go through the unimaginable, perhaps unexpected, challenges, the suffering produces bravery. Bravery turns to courage, then hope.”

Joel adds, “So often we deal in statements in life. We make statements about ourselves, about God, about others. Any yet, if you look at Jesus’s life, He so often dealt in questions. We have found it very relieving and exciting to start writing from that place, and ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ stands as just that. We’re proud to ask these questions alongside you, and we hope that you find your answers as we’ve found ours.”

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