What’s New | January 31

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The youngest of six siblings, Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Blessing Offor immigrated to the United States with his uncle at the age of six. Born blind in one eye, Blessing’s parents sent him to America in an effort to restore his vision, though unfortunately he lost his complete eyesight by age 10. Gravitating towards the piano before losing his vision, Blessing’s school teachers helped nurture his talent, and he soon found himself at Belmont University honing his craft in Nashville.

Blessing says, “I’ve really been looking forward to sharing my songs with everyone. Every one of them feels like I’m sharing a part of myself for people to relate to. That’s what the song ‘Brighter Days’ is about. The idea that we all experience dark days, but it’s those days that lead us to, and that makes the brighter ones worth waiting for.”

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