Cold | Vance

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Wow,  we have had cold weather for more than a couple days. Even some schools shut down due to the threat of the cold. One of my biggest accomplishments in  life was when I joined the Navy and got to be a part of the freedom we all have everyday. In bootcamp I was in the Great Lakes, it was so cold my nose hairs would freeze as I walked outside! Can you say COLD, but it was not all bad. I was able to see snow for the first time in my life and see the amazing design of what GOD created for all of us to see. I remember walking outside and seeing the beautiful white snow on the ground. I will never forget the beauty of that moment. It was amazing to see!

As I sit here today remembering that amazing moment, the moment where I was able to see the beauty in GOD’S creation, I can’t help but think about what we learned in school, that no two snowflakes are the same. WOW, let’s think about that for a minute, no two are the same yet they make up this beautiful sight of purity. A sea of white that is created by so many different shapes. If GOD can do that with something as small as a snowflake what can he do with us?

We are all different, yet created in the image of GOD. Moving into this winter season I encourage you all as well as myself, to show that purity by having an extra lunch with a Christian friend, attending Bible study, serving more at your church, listening a few more hours of your favorite music on LifeSongs, or even showing a non-believer that it is okay to be different. Just like the snowflake, because GOD loves us all and through Him we can all be as pure as fresh snow.  WHY?  Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!