What’s New | January 16

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Maybe you’ve started off this new year saying “no” to a lot of things. Sweets, staying up late, skipping out on the gym. Why not say YES, too? Jason Gray’s new song “When I Say Yes” will help you do just that. He shares that the song “was born from the recognition that all of the best adventures in my life started the same way—from a moment when I felt the Spirit prompting or inviting me to take some leap of faith, no matter how big or small, and I said, ‘yes.’ I’m sure you have your own stories of adventures that started the same way.”

Apollo LTD’s song “Soul Worth Saving” encourages us that we have worth and value in the eyes of God. We are treasured by the Father as we are, not as we should be. Every person has value – the image of God is imprinted on all of us.


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