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I was shoving the last handful of red and green holiday M&Ms into my mouth when I received an email notice that my gym is officially closing. Mind you, I have not stepped foot in this gym since maybe November 2019, but still. It’s officially now no longer an option – much like those seasonal mint M&Ms. Great. How am I supposed to get healthy now?!

The good news is, it only takes a little bit to get fit. It can be as simple as making a small adjustment here and there to create a healthy habit. How does LifeSongs fit into your routine this year? Join us as we start this new year with some healthy habits – like regularly listening to LifeSongs for doses of hope! Download the FREE LifeSongs app, and take us with you – as you focus on getting fit physically, we’ll help with the spiritual encouragement along the way! Maybe “getting fit” looks like exercising more or drinking more water (or putting down those M&Ms), or maybe it looks like taking a few deep breaths, writing in a gratitude journal, or starting your day in scripture with the LifeSongs Uplifting Word email.

Would you join us? Let’s kick off this year with some healthy habits, like listening to LifeSongs each day! Not only are we starting 2023 with health, hope and encouragement together, but you could also win a Fit Bit and hang with Lauren Daigle at an upcoming exclusive live event! Click here to get started! And keep listening to LifeSongs to hear encouragement on your journey to get fit, try healthy habits and start the new year UPLIFTED!