What’s New | January 11

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Now more than ever, people need to be reminded that God has not left them in the mess of 2020 or in the continued challenges that we face in 2021. That’s exactly what Jordan St. Cyr’s song “Fires” is about. No matter the fires you find yourself in, God is with you. He hasn’t left you, and He never will.

As some of the challenges we faced in 2020 stretch into the new year, what many of us want is for life to go “back to normal.” How can we be okay with what we can’t change and find purpose in the waiting? By trusting that God is in control, and is working according to His timeline. Could it be possible the thing we need more of in our lives right now is patience? Let Apollo LTD’s song “Patient” encourage you in this time when things may feel like they aren’t turning out like you planned. “There’s always another mountain, but it’s in the valley where we learn how to climb.”

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