What’s New | Jan 14

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What’s your foundation like? Living in Southeast Louisiana, we know the importance of a good foundation. That’s true in our physical buildings, but also in our lives. What do we stand on? In what – or WHOM – do we put our trust? Pat Barrett’s latest song reminds us that we have the one firm foundation that will last – and that is Jesus, the only foundation to build our lives upon.

Even in the times in your life when you’re hurting, know that God is there with you. He never leaves you and He never forsakes you. That’s what Tasha Layton wants you to know through her song, Love Lifting Me.

She says, “This was written during a time when I was really discouraged. It was God who gave me the strength to say no to my downcast soul and to say yes to His love. His love lifts us out of a pit and sets our feet on a rock. This song has been an anthem for me during dark times to bring joy to my soul. I hope it is for you too.”

The duo of Apollo LTD have been helping others make musical hits for some time now, but Adam Stark and Jordan Phillips are ready to share their own music, and faith, with the world. As we start this new year with a “reset” of sorts, sing along with this anthem declaring “All of the things I’ve been through / You put ‘em in the rearview / Everything that You hold / You make it shine like GOLD!”

Listen for “Build My Life,” “Love Lifting Me” and “Gold” on LifeSongs!