2019 Aspirations | Joel

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I set forth into 2018 with no goals other than  a couple, slightly selfish, financial marks I wanted to hit. Fortunately, I was able to come close to achieving those goals, but I felt empty. It’s good to have a New Years Resolution as something like that, it’s completely normal. But to an extent, I feel as though I let myself down by limiting my goals, my resolution, to simply just that– some financial stuff.

It was a double edged sword, actually. By making this my sole goal, it also became my sole focus; and to an extent obsessively. I prioritized work over relationships and family time and it subsequently affected those things noticeably. Even worse, my prayer life and reading of the Word took a significant hit.

Now don’t get me wrong, 2018 was not a bad year by any means at all! It was a wonderful year, coupled with everlasting memories, growth, and achievements I knew were possible but didn’t consider accomplishing until 2019 or 2020. However, this year can be an even better year. It can be an even better year but applying that same focus, energy, and near obsessiveness to continuing to develop my prayer life, bible study, and more; all while accomplishing whatever personal financial or health goals I have set out for myself. One could even presume it may further me in these quests. That is my goal for 2019.

Going into the New Year I encourage everyone not to make a similar mistake as me. Set those goals. Hit the gym! You can do it! But also don’t let this divert you from Godly goals as well, like it did to me at times. Set challenges for yourself whether it be reading this chapter tonight, or maybe be very strict on cutting out select language– whatever works for you!

My goal for 2019 is a simple one– to attack the year with the same vigor for the Lord as I had for making financial achievements last year. What is yours?