What’s New | August 2

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These days it seems that we think if we speak the truth LOUDER, then somehow we can change things around us. But it’s drawing closer through God’s grace that can really bring us to healing, redemption and transformation. That’s the message in Tauren Well’s song “Until Grace.”

For many of us, this past year has been one of the hardest of our lives. Hannah Kerr agrees, but says it was also the best year. She says amidst all of the change, uncertainty and doubts she felt, God reminded her of two important things: 1) When everything around me changes, God remains the same, and 2) When everything in me changes, He still loves me the same. Her song “Same God” is a cry from a heart that is broken, a person who doesn’t have it all together,  a Christian who still has doubts and fears. But most importantly, this song is about God, who loves us and reminds us of the truth when we need it the most. He’s the same God, and He loves us no matter what!

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