What’s New | August 9

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So many of us feel overwhelmed. There is good news – the hope we have in Jesus extends past our circumstances, and we can find rest in Him. That’s the message in We Are Messengers’ song “Come What May.” It’s a celebration of the freedom that we have in knowing that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. And that allows us to see reality as it is. We can’t control everything but we don’t need to because we have a God who loves us. So “Come What May” we will be declaring the absolute complete wonderful goodness of God.

Mike Donehey has a question. Why is it that when you go to church, we can have past struggle testimony but not current struggle testimony? Why do the current struggles make us feel so uncomfortable? He says, “It’s like we forget that the church isn’t meant to be a museum for Saints, as much as, it’s meant to be a hospital for sinners. Sometimes God redeems us FROM our struggles and sometimes God redeems us THROUGH our struggles. When we are completely vulnerable and then completely accepted despite our shortcomings…man, it looks like the Kingdom of God.”  That’s what inspired his song “All Together.”

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