What’s New | April 11

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We all fall short. No one is exempt from the trials of this life. Blanca and Dante Bowe’s song “The Healing” is about that journey. Blanca shares, “This song is about the process, not perfection or the finished goal, but how it is a constant journey with the Lord. I’ve walked through storm after storm, fire after fire, but each time God refined me and showed me His faithfulness in my life. With every rock bottom moment, every single moment the enemy intended to use as a way to harm us, the Lord in His loving nature, used it for our good.” 


Ben Rector spent his time during the pandemic rediscovering the joy of music. (He even created a muppet named “Joy” featured in the videos and on the cover of his album, The Joy Of Music.) Joy and gratitude go hand in hand, and his song “Thank You” is an unabashed song of gratitude to God for things only He could be responsible for.

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