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It’s October! You have to be kidding me!

This year has been crazy, out of control, and has gone by so fast. I turned 43 in August and don’t even remember being 42. As I sit back and try to remember the past year there is so much clutter in my brain. From buying a house, to kids getting out of school, summer vacations, work, surgeries, and getting the kids back to school- it just seems as if this year flew by.

I started this year with the idea in mind that I was going to glorify God in everything- the good, the bad, and the ugly. However; life happens!

Writing this blog has me wondering if I had time to glorify God in the way he deserves. The answer is “no.” While I did glorify God on some occasions, I don’t feel as if I ‘had time” to glorify Him the way He deserves. I said things like “people know” or “yep, it is all Him.”

After going over all of this in my head, I’m left thinking “Do they really know, do they really know who ‘He’ is?”

I got lazy, but I blamed it on being busy. God takes a beating from us and still helps us up when we fall.

Moving forward for what’s left of this year I will not be lazy for God. I will stand up for Him. I will make sure not to take His love for granted. We all get to the point where we “expect God” and we get comfortable with Him being there for us to the point where we miss opportunities to glorify Him! The good news is we serve a God who will love us unconditionally and continue to be there for us.

As we get ready for colder weather and the holidays, I want to find more ways to be a good and faithful servant by slowing down and acknowledging God for everything that he does or doesn’t do for us; since he knows what’s best for us anyway. . .

Because God is Good All the Time!