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Thankfulness – What does that mean?

For the longest time, 38 years to be exact, I thought that this meant someone gave you something and then you said thank you. You see for most of my life I did not know who Christ was and what he did for me to truly be thankful for. I lived in the world and didn’t want to know anything different…however through the power of music, our savior, touched me…here is my story.

For years I was a Dj and bouncer on the craziest street in the world, Bourbon Street. I lived a life of partying and what I thought was having fun. I drug my wife and family through that lifestyle and was destroying the gifts that GOD had gave me and I didn’t know it. One day my Father in law asked me if he could use my sound equipment to perform a live rock show for a biker church. My response was “you can use it but I don’t do the Jesus thing”. However GOD had other plans, you see every year on my birthday we would get together with a bunch of friends and head down a river as a last hoorah before the kids went back to school. This year on Aug 17 2014 GOD knew what he was doing….everyone cancelled on me. I called my wife and told her that something didn’t want us on the river. So I asked her to call her dad and let him know that we were going to the show and would be able to run sound for him. When the band – Empowered, walked on stage, the Holy spirit touched me, and I gave my life to Jesus. 

Now here I was a guy whose life was surrounded by music, I thought to myself and said “now what?” My wife the amazing women of GOD said to me that I didn’t have to give up music, rather I just needed to change the source as she tuned into LifeSongs. I remember Libby being on-air at that time, and I was hooked. She was so uplifting, and the next song that came on was NEWSBOYS – God’s not dead. As I was hearing this song, it made me realize that this new found identity in Christ was real. I got baptized in a pool in a back yard in Baton Rouge, and got plugged into a local church. You see, I am here today, happy with an amazing family, and now an amazing work family because of music and LifeSongs.

So thankfulness and what it means to me:

It is

  • That you, the listeners, and the supporters of LifeSongs keep this station on the air so that the lost people (like I was) can find a GOD like ours.
  • To look at the cross and know that it stands as our symbol of the only perfect one who died so that our way to heaven could be open.
  • To look at God through our times of struggles and rest in knowing that He is there with you, and will never leave you.
  • To live thankfully for any and all things that GOD has provided for you.
  • To always know that GOD is Good all the Time!