Too Soon? | Libby

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It’s barely November, and I can’t get my Christmas tree up fast enough. How about you?

Normally, this is the time to finish off any leftover candy and start training for Thanksgiving dinner. But, we’ve all been wearing our stretchy “Thanksgiving pants” for most of 2020 already.

This year has had more than enough challenges. Who can blame our collective worn-out souls for craving the cozy, nostalgic, happy times the holidays conjure up? I think of the line in “O Holy Night,” my all-time favorite Christmas song, that says, “A thrill of hope / the weary world rejoices” – could there be a more apt description of how we all feel this year?

That’s why we are ushering in Christmas music later this month on LifeSongs. Lots of people are searching for some sort of comfort right now. Something familiar, some sort of tradition or rhythm, something tied to happy memories…like Christmas music. Our prayer is that those who stumble upon LifeSongs as we celebrate the birth of our Savior would find so much more than just nostalgia. We’re praying that they find the true “thrill of HOPE” – in our only source, and in the reason we have to celebrate: Jesus.

Faced with challenges like never before, instead of staring at blank 2020 planners, storm debris, candy wrappers or election results, let’s turn our eyes instead to Jesus. He is our Hope! (Merry Christmas!)

P.S. – That Christmas music will make a perfect soundtrack to packing a shoebox gift for Operation Christmas Child! Find out more about how you can get involved here.